You, Me And Everyone We Know tackle suicidal thoughts on “Does It Amaze Thee?”

January 06 2015, 1:42 PM EST By Matt Crane

“Am I just hyper motivated or a masochist?/I’d take a tub filled with bleach over a life with this,” Ben Liebsch sings on You Me And Everyone We Know’s moody, energetic new single, “Does It Amaze Thee?” The track is taken from YMAEWK’s upcoming EP, Dogged, which will be released March 17 via South By Sea Music. Pre-orders are on sale now. Stream the new song exclusively via AltPress below, and let us know your thoughts.

“The song is a reflection on where I was at the time I wrote it,” Liebsch tells AP. “Suicide had entered my mind recently after several months of spiraling downward at a job with no bigger purpose and I was growing concerned. I was looking at my life and wondering whether I'd really come as far as I thought. The same ghosts still haunted me, and 20 years of this had grown frustrating. A lot of this record is about my reflections on my life during a time of suicidal ideation.”