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GALLERY: Black Veil Brides through the years, from awkward early years to bond fide rock gods

August 27 2017, 12:00 PM EDT Kristine Cannon Photographer:

  • Young Andy taking a selfie [Photo: Tumblr/andy-biersack-is-life]
  • An Ashley Purdy school photo. Aw. [Photo: Pinterest/Lexi Vorce]
  • You won’t get away with blonde hair in BVB, young Jinxx [Photo: Tumblr/iamjinxxed]
  • Jake Pitts: Guitar hero; headband hero [Photo: Pinterest/Chloe BVB]
  • Dumpsters: great for a photoshoot… [Photo: Tumblr/blackveilblasphemy]
  • One of the many early lineups [Photo: Tumblr/bvb-vibes]
  • “Knives And Pens,” 2009 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • “Perfect Weapon,” 2010 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • Pre-STWOF –– a settled lineup emerges [Photo: Facebook/BlackVeilBrides]
  • “Fallen Angels,” 2011 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • Reach for the stars, Andy [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • AP covers would become a regular thing for BVB… [Photo: Alternative Press]
  • “Coffin,” 2012 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/Youtube]
  • Less makeup and less clothes for 2012’s BVB [Photo: Black Veil Brides]
  • “In The End,” 2012 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • Marching into battle [Photo: Black Veil Brides/YouTube]
  • “Na na na na na na na na ANDY!” [Photo: Tumblr/andybiersack-daily]
  • Nice dog, nicer dungarees [Photo: Tumblr/lovingconfusion]
  • Andy missed the “wear black” memo [Photo: Black Veil Brides]
  • “Heart Of Fire,” 2014 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/Youtube]
  • “Goodbye Agony,” 2014 [Photo: Black Veil Brides/Youtube]
  • Looking smart, lads [Photo: Black Veil Brides]
  • AP cover shoot, 2017 [Photo: Alternative Press]

One of the reasons that Black Veil Brides have been able to maintain their status as AP scene leaders is their ability to evolve. Like My Chemical Romance before them, Andy Biersack and co. possess the ability to play with their image while retaining the qualities –– both musical and otherwise –– their fans have always loved.

From their awkward early years of lineup instability to their breakout second album to their current status as bond fide rock gods, check out this collection of iconic BVB images. Health warning: This gallery contains a lot of hairspray.

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