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GALLERY: Paramore through the years — from plucky schoolkids to global superstars

September 04 2017, 3:00 PM EDT Kristine Cannon Photographer:

  • Where it all began [Photo: young-paramore-blog/Tumblr]
  • “Serious faces, please!” [Photo: paaaramore/Tumblr]
  • 'All We Know Is Falling' [Photo: Paramore]
  • “Pressure,” 2005 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • “Emergency,” 2006 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • About to embark on Warped 2006 [Photo: hayleywpictures/Tumblr]
  • “How big are your tunes, Paramore?” [Photo: hayleywpictures/Tumblr]
  • “Misery Business,” 2007 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • 2008: The band starts blowin’ up [Photo: Paramore]
  • The pop-punk substitute teacher [Photo: yorkphobia/Tumblr]
  • “Decode,” 2008 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • 2009: having a lie down [Photo: Paramore]
  • Move over, Bowling For Soup [Photo: hey-paramore/Tumblr]
  • “The Only Exception,” 2010 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Hayley’s Downton Abbey audition [Photo: hayleywilliasm/Tumblr]
  • 2011: The Farros have bid farewell [Photo: Paramore]
  • Rock For People fest, 2011 [Photo: palomafences/Tumblr]
  • What a lovely looking magazine [Photo: Alternative Press]
  • What a lovely looking magazine [Photo: Alternative Press]
  • 2013: bored of photo shoots [Photo: Paramore]
  • “Now,” 2013 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Gracing our cover once again [Photo: Alternative Press]
  • “Still Into You,” 2013 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Christmas, the Paramore way [Photo: Paramore]
  • 2014: all smiles [Photo: Paramore]
  • “Ain’t It Fun,” 2014 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Parahoy 2014 [Photo: Paramore]
  • A very appropriate T-shirt, Hayley [Photo: Paramore]
  • 2017: Zac is back!
  • “Hard Times,” 2017 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Taylor… WTF?! [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Back in black [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • “Told You So,” 2017 [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • Classy [Photo: Paramore/YouTube]
  • ’Good Morning America,’ August 2017 [Photo: Paramore]

From plucky schoolkids to global superstars, the rise of Paramore has been one of our scene’s greatest success stories. The times and the trends have changed, and their sound and image have developed, but the Tennessee band’s ability to capture our hearts has never faltered.

To celebrate the sheer awesomeness that is Paramore, we’ve put together this gallery charting their unstoppable ascent to leaders of the alt-rock pack. Prepare for smiling faces and super-scene fringes. This is Paramore…