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Cartel, the Downtown Fiction, A Rocket To The Moon
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“A Little Too Late” single

Need someone to talk to? Call four-piece pop-rock band Jocelyn at 319-804-9727. “Jocelyn exists because people matter,” says bassist Alex Wiese. “We believe everybody has a story and it’s important that somebody is always listening. Music is merely the medium through which we have funneled our desire to positively impact people and start conversations.” Since releasing their debut EP, To You And Yours, in June, the band have spent their time following tours including the Cab and All Time Low in order to promote their new album and to continue reaching fans. “After spending the better part of 2012 establishing ourselves and gaining notoriety,” Wiese says, “2013 will prove to be the year we establish there is more to Jocelyn than an ardent dedication to being there for fans when they need it most.”