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Taco Bell serves up an egg-cellent breakfast with its Naked Egg Taco

September 21 2017, 6:46 PM EDT By Brittany Vincent

[Photo by: Taco Bell/Twitter]

Taco Bell is all about thinking outside the bun. It's part of their motto and brand. They've even made taco shells out of chicken patties. But this? This is really Taco Bell coming out of its shell. 

The Naked Egg Taco is the latest plan the restaurant has hatched in a bid to attract more curious foodies. It's genius. It's a fried egg wrapped around cheese sauce, sausage or bacon, and potatoes, folded in half just like a taco. It's aesthetically pleasing. It's got all the right curves in all the right places. It might make you and your friends crack up if you try and eat it. 

Forget the tortilla. The egg is doing all the work, having poached the profession of "delicious food wrapper" from Taco Bell's menu of savory late-night treats.

It's gotta be terribly greasy, but omelettin' this one slide since it's such a cool idea. It does come wrapped in a little paper sleeve (if your local Taco Bell cares to put the work in, anyway) so you can keep your hands clean, but you have to wonder about what it's going to do to your stomach. 

This isn't the latest bout of craziness from Taco Bell, however. The company is looking to open several "cantina-style" restaurants in urban areas with boozy treats and zero drive-thrus. It sounds strange, but hey, it might actually work pretty well if you think about it. 

That's still to come in the future, but for now the Bell is delivering fast food weirdness on the regular. Don't be a chicken and give the Naked Egg Taco a try, and come back to let us know how it is.