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All Entries Tagged: Geoff Rickly

  1. Geoff Rickly on upcoming tour: “I feel like maybe we can gain what we’ve lost in Thursday”

  2. A light that never goes out: Geoff Rickly on Thursday’s summer reunion

  3. Thursday frontman opens up on live reunion: “We couldn’t say no”

    After a mysterious update to their social media accounts yesterday, Thursday have been officially announced for this year'...

  4. Are Thursday up to something?

    This morning Thursday updated their Twitter profile picture and tweeted a photo of a blank black square, with...

  5. “This is the most important time for me.” Geoff Rickly on No Devotion and future of Collect Records

  6. Geoff Rickly poisoned, robbed outside show in Germany

    No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly was rushed to a hospital in Hamburg, Germany, after being robbed and poisoned...

  7. Geoff Rickly’s label severs ties with price-gouging pharma CEO

    Martin Shkreli, 32, is a former hedge fund manager and current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. He recently raised the...

  8. No Devotion (ex-Thursday, Lostprophets) stream “Permanent Sunlight”

    Serving as the polar opposite to his other band, United Nations, ex-Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly and his newest...

  9. Watch never-before-seen footage of My Chemical Romance recording their debut album

    Watch My Chemical Romance create their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought...

  10. “We don’t have any devotion to our pasts” —Thursday’s Geoff Rickly on his new band with Lostprophets

  11. United Nations - The Next Four Years

  12. United Nations (Thursday, Pianos Become The Teeth) stream new album, ‘The Next Four Years’

    United Nations (featuring Geoff Rickly of Thursday and members of Pianos Become The Teeth) are currently streaming...