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All Entries Tagged: Kiss

  1. Gene Simmons of Kiss gives emotional Chuck Berry eulogy—watch

    Gene Simmons of Kiss delivered a tearful eulogy for Chuck Berry yesterday. Berry died on March 18 at the...

  2. The 13 most epic alternative ‘Lip Sync Battle’ performances

  3. 11 band merch items you can eat

  4. Gene Simmons of Kiss comments on Prince: “How pathetic that he killed himself”

    Kiss frontman Gene Simmons commented on the passing of music icon Prince in a new interview with Newsweek,...

  5. Gene Simmons’ house raided by LAPD, family not among suspects

    According to a report from Metal Hammer, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons' house has been raided by the Los...

  6. Gene Simmons of Kiss says women should “stop depending on men”

    First off, any sentence that begins with “Genes Simmons of Kiss thinks women should…” is...

  7. Gene Simmons of Kiss: “Rock is finally dead”

    Gene Simmons of Kiss recently pissed off a lot of people when he told depressed people in general: ...

  8. Black Veil Brides - Rebels EP

  9. Bad City to tour with KISS

    Bad City, for those who may not know, features ex-members of the now defunct Powerspace, as well as...