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  1. Marianas Trench perform soulful acoustic version of “One Love” (exclusive)

  2. Marianas Trench add several dates to upcoming ‘Hey You Guys!!’ tour

    Vancouver rock band Marianas Trench are set to hit the road next Tuesday, November 3 as they set out...

  3. Marianas Trench to shoot new music video, request fan involvement

    Marianas Trench will be filming a new music video on May 24-25 and are looking for fans to...

  4. AP Off The Wall Episode #14: Marianas Trench chat Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Oasis, and Primus

    Marianas Trench chat about some of their favorite AP cover stars: Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Oasis and Primus Issues...

  5. Photo Recap: The Noise Tour

  6. Marianas Trench release “By Now” video trailer

    Marianas Trench have released a trailer for their upcoming video, "By Now." The track is the fifth single...

  7. Marianas Trench perform “Fallout” acoustic

    Marianas Trench recently performed an acoustic version of "Fallout" which you can watch below.

  8. Journeys announce the Noise Tour with Marianas Trench and Air Dubai

    Journeys have announced the first ten dates of the Noise Tour, which will feature Marianas Trench and AP 100...

  9. Twitpicks: April 6, 2013

  10. Rival Summers posts Marianas Trench cover

    Rival Summers has posted a cover of Marianas Trench song "Beside You." You can view the cover below.

  11. Marianas Trench release “Desperate Measures” music video

    Below you can watch the new Marians Trench video for "Desperate Measures" off 2011's Ever After.

  12. The Audition drop off Marianas Trench tour, vocalist Danny Stevens to undergo vocal surgery

    The Audition have dropped off the remainder of their shows with Marianas Trench. This is due to vocalist...