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All Entries Tagged: Melanie Martinez

  1. Watch college kids react to Melanie Martinez’s ‘AHS’-esque music videos

    [Photo by: FBE/YouTube] Fine Brothers Entertainment are known for their epic reaction videos, and this time around...

  2. Melanie Martinez releases creatively adventurous “Mad Hatter” music video

    [Photo credit: YouTube/melanie martinez] If you're like me, you still have Melanie Martinez's debut album...

  3. Melanie Martinez’s next album will feature an accompanying movie

    It's safe to say that we're still listening to Melanie Martinez's debut album Cry...

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  7. The Box launches with exclusive mini-mag featuring Melanie Martinez

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  9. Melanie Martinez’s ‘Cry Baby’ hit a huge milestone

    [Photo credit: Adam Elmakias] A congratulations are in order for Melanie Martinez. Her debut album, Cry Baby, has...

  10. Here’s a metalcore cover of Melanie Martinez’s “Dollhouse”

    Alt-pop pop sensation Melanie Martinez is known for her distinctive vocal performance—and her hit ...

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