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After seven years, American punk institution NOFX lifted their iron curtain to let the press inside. All it took was a presidential act-actually, a whole bunch of them. Jonah Bayer talks scene history and global politics with these maverick punks.

Yeah, that’s a bold claim to make, but we’ve got ’em, and if you don’t believe us, just ask the musicians who voted for ’em. From Killswitch Engage to Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan to In Flames, converge to Shadows fall, these are the bands we’re counting on to push heavy music into the future.


Instead of bitching on message boards about crappy bands and the state of the music industry, Shawn Van Der Poel decided to do something constructive about it. Learn why bands, managers and fans alike have Radiotakeover bookmarked on their computers. 

They play like punks, looks like punks, so they’ve gotta be a punk band, right? Meet the guys who love their fans, even if they are slightly confused by them. 

We preview new CDs from Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, cLOUDDEAD, Amen, Tweaker and Ben Kweller; go In The Studio with Midtown, Recover and New Found Glory; and list over 100 discs that’ll make your March. 

The AP Poll wonders why gay marriage isn’t legal; theSTART’s Aimee Echo shows us her parents’ crib; and we check out underwear that’s fun to wear. Plus, since we’re feeling all metal this month, we’ve got life lessons from Motörhead’s Lemmy; songwriting lessons from Brides Of Destruction’s Nikki Sixx; hygiene lessons from the Darkness’ Justin Hawkins; and guitar lessons from the ladies of Fireball Ministry. Not to worry, punks, goths and rivetheads: There’s lots here (including part six in the year-long AP History) for you, too. 

Linda Cardellini goes from geek to chic, stat; Eye Candy prescribes Dirty Old Town for a Ted Leo And The Pharmacists fix; Now Showing diagnoses the most contagious cinematic viruses infecting theaters and DVD players.

Stop by the AP Record Store to peep new releases by Descendents, 1208, Keelhaul, the Von Bondies, Squarepusher and the Vines; In-Store Sessions from onelinedrawing and the Kids Of Widney High; classical pianist Christopher Riley’s analysis of string-quartet tributes to the stars; and the eight CDs our editors can’t live without in this month’s Listening Station. 

BACKGROUND CHECK: DOOM What’s loud, ugly and a whole lot of fun to curl up with in a dark room? Why, doom, of course-and this is that genre’s long, sad story.