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Happy anniversary to this photo of Bruno Mars surprised to see Pete Wentz

April 29 2017, 2:00 PM EDT By Philip Trapp

[Photo credit: Tumblr]

On this day in 2008, a photograph was created that has evinced such joyous online amusement that it's now celebrating its ninth year of internet renown.

That photo is of Bruno Mars seemingly being surprised to see Pete Wentz.

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It was captured, apparently on the streets of Los Angeles, by some lucky visionary with the forethought to engage their digital camera's date stamp feature. The image was then propagated through Tumblr, propelling its marvelous composition through space and time and into our hearts... forever.

A gobsmacked, pre-fame, fedora-wearing Bruno. A confident, Infinity On High-era, beanie-baring Wentz. An "Apartment For Rent" sign. Serendipity. This photo has it all, and its impenetrable greatness is what's assured its exalted status in the annals of candid pop culture portraits for nigh on a decade.

Signifying the picture's peculiar but enduring appeal, Wentz commented on the photo to New York magazine last year, himself bemused by its uncanny novelty.

"What an odd picture. I think specifically because it’s dated but also how it almost seems posed due to everyone’s faces and demeanor. I’m a big Bruno fan and have been since he sang 'Billionaire' with Travie [McCoy] ... he’s such a monster in the best possible way."

Thnks fr th mmrs, Pete and Bruno. Long live the Wentz-Mars Tumblr photo.

Truly, it is an image that defines an era.

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