Adam Sene leaves Tides of Man

July 13, 2010 by James Shotwell

Adam Sene leaves Tides of Man

Tides of Man guitarist Adam Sene has left the group due to "musical differences." A letter from the remaining members regarding Sene's departures as well as their hunt for a replacement can be read below:


We would like to inform you that due to musical differences, Adam Sene is no longer a member of Tides Of Man. He has been a good member of the band for the past two and a half years, but unfortunately we have decided to part ways.
This obviously leaves us a guitarist short. We have done much of the last three tours as a four-piece, but it has not been the ideal situation for our live set. So we are officially looking for another guitarist before our next tour in August.
This person would ideally live in the Clearwater/Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida. He would not be into illegal drugs or addicted to legal ones. He would obviously have no aspects to him that could potentially harm the band. He would also be a badass guitarist with the ability to learn new parts with ease. He would have the necessary gear to perform live. He would have a stylish appearance and wouldn't look or act like an idiot. If he became a permanent member, he would be able to write music on his own as well as with a band. He would love and believe in our music but offer an aspect that would be able to make it improve and progress. He would be outgoing and social and a generally happy person. And he wouldn't have any other distracting obligations that would prevent him from flourishing in the band.
If you know someone like this or if you are this person, feel free to contact us at:
Obviously if you send a video of yourself playing you are ahead of the game.


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