Ads for new Slayer album deemed offense, pulled by city of Fullerton

August 03 2006, 4:59 AM EDT By

Massively influental speed-metal act Slayer are no strangers to receiving flack from the more conservative side of America. But this time, it appears that they've been bus-ted. is reporting that a series of 17 bus bench ads in Fullerton, California, featuring artwork for the band's new album, Christ Illusion, were deemed offensive and subsequently pulled by the city of Fullerton. According to the Blabbermouth, "This past Monday (July 31), the city officials called the company that the band's record label (American) hired to put the ads in place, demanding that they remove the Slayer ad/artwork, reportedly because they did not like the name of the band, which they feel refers to a murderer. They are also apparently offended by the antichrist and skull logo on the bench artwork."

You can see a photo of one of the offending benches, courtesy of the Blabbermouth, here.

This incident shouldn't disrupt the release of Christ Illusion, which has been set for an Aug. 8 release (dates).