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Asking Alexandria to release “Life Gone Wild” EP/DVD in December

November 24 2010, 1:43 PM EST By Tim Karan

Asking Alexandria have announced that they'll release a limited edition EP/DVD called Life Gone Wild online and exclusively at Hot Topic stores. The EP, which drops Dec. 21, features a new song ("Breathless") from the band's upcoming full-length, a demo from Stand Up And Scream, remixes of "Sincerity" and "American Average" and two Skid Row covers ("18 And Life" and "Youth Gone Wild"), while the DVD contains tons of video footage. 

Guitarist Ben Bruce says, "Life Gone Wild is an EP that we really wanted to make happen. We talked about it over and over again. Will people accept this? Will they enjoy it? We truly believe people will love this release. It's raw and it shows another side of us. Our passion for music is portrayed in a completely different light. We are huge '80s rock fans and we wanted to play some songs that will have our slightly older audience reminiscing and hopefully open up some new doors to our younger fans and introduce them to some awesome music that they may not have heard before. Either way, the two Skid Row covers are timeless classics and deserve to be sung along to at the top of your lungs. The remix editions of 'Sincerity' and 'American Average' were done, again, to sort of broaden the horizons and introduce people to another genre of music we love to listen to. Just fun and loud, alcohol-induced beats. Perfect for those drunken nights where you just can't help but dance like a fool. 'Breathless' is a song we have been playing live on our past couple of tours. It's a brand new song that will be on our upcoming new album, Reckless And Relentless. We are releasing it on this EP so that our fans get the chance to hear something new from us. There will also be an original demo version of a track from Stand Up And Scream. This is a version that most people won't be familiar with and that you can't buy anywhere else."

The included DVD—the band's first—will include videos for "The Final Episode," "Circus" and "A Prophecy" (which premieres on the DVD). The band are also releasing a dubstep remix album in January.