Austin Carlile has one request for Jerry Roush and Of Mice and Men

July 04 2010, 7:04 PM EDT By James Shotwell

Now that all the drama surrounding Austin Carlile's departure from Of Mice & Men has quieted down, the former vocalist has only one request of the group's new frontman Jerry Roush. In a letter posted on Carlile's website, he writes:


"What brought me to this was I watched a couple videos of the band from Warped Tour and after seeing them all, I am nicely asking [[[When you read this OM&M]]]…. is that on the song “Second & Sebring” you learn all the words, and please scream them correctly. That’s all. That’s it. Simple as store bought pie."

Carlile goes on in the blog to discuss the song's meaning and intent, while also noting he has nothing negative to say about Roush personally. The entire letter can be read here. Of Mice and Men have yet to comment on the letter, but can be seen live all summer long on Warped Tour.