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Austin considers erecting a statue of Glenn Danzig riding a dragon

June 05 2014, 12:15 PM EDT By Matt Crane

Danzig could get his own statue in the city of Austin, Texas—riding a fire-breathing dragon.

According to CBS affiliate KEYE TV, a future goal on the Austin Music Commission’s list includes the building of a statue with Misfits founder Glenn Danzig riding a dragon.

KEYE reports:

"The idea for the Danzig statue is attributed to James Moody, the owner of The Mohawk, the famous live music venue that sits at Red River and 10th streets. When reached by phone Monday afternoon, Moody acknowledged the idea was mostly in jest. But he added, ‘if they're willing to do it in gold, I'll submit it as a serious idea.’ He also suggested ruby eyes for the simulacrum of the man who also fronted the 80s metal band Samhain.

The idea to immortalize Danzig, if serious, could actually meet with opposition from some corners of the local community -- and not just those opposed to the provocative musical themes heralded by the quasi-Satanic rocker. In 2011, Danzig raised the ire of Austin music fans after a set at Fun Fun Fun Fest that was described by at least one critic as a debacle."

Picturing a Danzig statue with ruby eyes is the best part. Check out a picture posted from the Austin Music Commission’s meeting, which proposes a “Statue of Danzig riding a dragon welcoming visitors to the RRCD.”