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Black Cards confirm Bebe Rexha’s departure, plan to continue the band

January 16 2012, 5:01 PM EST By Tyler Common

Black Cards have confirmed that vocalist Bebe Rexha will be leaving the band. Read statements from Pete Wentz and Bebe herself below.

Black Cards' Facebook announcement: 

It started out as friends. Never planned to do much of anything. I’d scribble my thoughts down and my friend sam would put them to music. In the studio next door to sams, we heard bebe and grant working on songs and the black cards collective was born. I got my friends spencer and nate involved so we could play live. We played a few shows and people started to take notice. Bebe started getting calls to write with all the producers in ny and la. Spencer and I started fucking around with people’s accapellas for fun. We remixed our friends records, cobra, anjulie and gym class. Then we remixed rihanna and major lazer, then we went to #1 on hype machine. Life felt fun again. Having to get myself through a toxic cloud that was the past year of my life was important. The homies that have been a part of black cards will still be homies. I needed to feel like myself again. Good news is that I do. I appreciate everyone who has been a part of this journey and there are songs that you still will get a chance to hear and we will be coming through your city to steal your puppies and turn your brains to mush.

So bebe was writing with producers and we were hijacking other producers.

New year, new beginnings. Bebe is now a solo artist. Follow her @beberexha and we have a mixtape coming out.

The black cards are dead. Long live the black cards.

Bebe Rexha wrote the following on her Facebook page:

A lot of fans have been asking me about my status in Black Cards, so I thought I'd clear the air. My depart from black cards was a mutual decision between the boys and I. I will support Pete and Spencer 100% in everything that they do. They will always be my homies. I wanna thank the fans for making this the best year EVER. I love you and you'll be hearing more from me soon. I hope you join the movement.
xoxo bebe

Despite all of this, Pete Wentz has vowed that Black Cards "is not over," and have a mixtape on the way.