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The inside of Danzig’s house is bizarre AF and there are photos to prove it

August 16 2017, 11:42 AM EDT By Kelsey Shawgo

We last left you with an update that Glenn Danzig had put his old house—yes the house infamous for having a pile of bricks in the front yard that brought down the property value of the neighborhood in Los Angeles—up for sale after being vacant for a number of years.

After discovering the listing, some Danzig fans started an amazing Indiegogo campaign in an effort to nab the house for $666,666 and turn it into a "punk rock Graceland." (If you want to contribute, check out the crowdfunding campaign site here.) They even promised to bring back the pile o' bricks. 

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But there's more to this thrilling story. According to Metal Injection, someone in Los Angeles actually contacted the realtors and got a look inside the house. And luckily for us, they documented what they found inside. 

It turns out the house is being sold "as is" which is real estate lingo for "really freaking dirty." Danzig hasn't actually lived in the house for years, and it has been sitting vacant since the Dark Lord left, but we can't understand why he would leave behind so many treasures! 

This really terrible cell phone video shows the house in all its hoarded glory. 

And the pictures are even better. Check out some of Danzig's forgotten treasures below.

Apparently Glenn forgot to pack his unopened boxes of Count Chocula and Franken Berry when he moved. Or maybe they were left as a housewarming gift to the new owners? It's okay, don't be ashamed Glenn, we hoard Count Chocula too. 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

Check out the master bedroom, fit for a king, right? Obviously the mattress on the floor is a staple. 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

And here we have a rare picture of the Prince of Darkness's personal library. And... a gumball machine? 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

Glenn also left behind a sizable collection of action figures. Must've had doubles. 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

Here's where things take a turn. What we see here is what looks like a bunch of kids' toys? Possibly old Happy Meal prizes? Perhaps Glenn loves nuggets as much as we do.

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

We don't really know what to say about this one. Yep, it's a giant Tasmanian Devil. There it is. 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

If you buy the house it looks like you'll already be stocked up on spooky décor though! 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

To conclude this disturbing episode of MTV Cribs, we have this fitting decorative skull. Apparenty Glenn didn't want or need this skull. 

[Photo by: Maggie Serota, Death And Taxes]

In conclusion, someone needs to buy this piece of history before some developer scoops it up and cleans it out. Consider donating to the funding campain! If you're not yet convinced, check out the amazing video that the fans made to explain their plans for the house. 

Danzig will be on tour this fall, so please consider bringing donations of Count Chocula to the shows, since he seems to have misplaced his. 

What other treasures do you think they'll find in Danzig's old house? Toss some guesses in the comments below!