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Knuckle Puck vocalist taken to hospital after falling from stage

March 25 2017, 8:22 PM EDT By Jordan Toney

Knuckle Puck vocalist Joe Taylor was hospitalized after falling off the stage during a performance at the So What?! Music Festival in Dallas, TX.

Check out when it happened below.

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The injury happened right at the end of Knuckle Puck's set which ultimately had to be cut short. Taylor fell off the stage right as the band performed the last song of the day, "Pretense."

Radio personality Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman reported from the show that Taylor had injured his hand and his wrist.

However it appears that the vocalist is okay as the band later posted this update photo through Twitter.

The band also poked some fun at themselves after the performance, joking about how they didn't just "go off" but went "right off the damn stage."  The band also later clarified that Taylor only needed a couple of stitches and the vocalist is okay!

We hope we'll see Joe Taylor and the rest of the boys in Knuckle Puck killing it on stage again real soon.

[Correction: An original version of this article said Taylor had jumped from the stage.]

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