Dischord Reveals Release Date for Can I Say Re-Re-Re-Release

July 19 2010, 5:46 PM EDT By

Can I Say, the debut LP from Dag Nasty, and arguably one of the 5 best releases of all time from DC's Dischord Records, has been slated for yet another re-release on October 11th, per a @DischordOrders tweet. The album was originally released in 1986 and featured re-recorded vocals from roadie-turned frontman Dave Smalley (DYS, All, Down By Law) instead of those demo-ed from the band's original vocalist Shawn Brown (Swiz, JESUSEATER) before his departure. The original release was co-produced by Dischord co-owner Ian Mackaye and the label re-relesead it in 2002 with additional songs and again in 2008 following a new mastering. 

While no backstory is currently available for this third release of the LP -- Can I Say is undeniably responsible for countless copycats in the melodic hardcore realm over the 25 years since its first release plus one of the most recognizable chest-piece tattoos in punk today.