Digimon returns with everything you want as an adult

November 27 2015, 12:44 PM EST By Tyler Sharp

The beloved cartoon anime Digimon is returning with what will be a six-part film series, titled Digimon Adventures Tri. The first part, Reunion, which was released this past week in Japan, is now available for online viewing with English subtitles.

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Adventure Tri picks up five years after Digimon’s first season. The DigiDestined, now all in high school (except for T.K. and Kari, who are in middle school), have been without contact to the digital world for over a year, and are beginning to fully re-immerse themselves into real world lives.

It seems as though Tai has the most difficulty with the process. While everyone else is readying for graduation and future life plans, Tai’s mind is stuck in the digital world. 

After a vicious digimon appears and begins bestowing havoc among the citizens of Earth, Tai heeds the hero call. 

But after realizing that these battles have the potential to take the lives of fellow humans, his consciousness becomes conflicted. Is being a Digidestined actually part of his destiny? Or is he just trying to live out his childhood fantasy?

While undoubtedly a slow developing plot line, this new chapter of the series looks to provide closure on what happened after the DigiDestined returned to Earth. Is there anything more your childhood memories could ask for?