The Word Alive’s Telle Smith launches GoFundMe to support dog Colby Jack’s medical expenses

October 27 2016, 7:20 AM EDT By AltPress

Yesterday, The Word Alive's Telle Smith announced the heartbreaking news that his pup Colby Jack wasn't doing well. Fans showed an outpouring of support as Telle continued to update on Colby's health.

Her condition is currently unknown, and in an attempt to help cover the incurred medical expenses as they try to find a diagnosis, Smith launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Colby's cause.

“Colby has a rapidly progressive medical issue, the extent of which is not fully known yet. She has lost most of the function of her left hind leg, and is losing function in walking in general. In addition, she is no longer able to closer her left eye, which has caused an ulcer to form,” Smith says on Colby’s GoFundMe page. “We are scheduled for an MRI, spinal tap, as well as a plethora of other tests and bloodwork that will hopefully diagnose her condition so that we have a chance at stopping or reversing it. 

“Unfortunately, it is going to cost a lot of money we don't have just to find out what we can do to help our dog child. If you can spare even $1 it will hopefully help us save the life of our most prized little one.”

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The response to his crowdfunding campaign has been incredible. In just two hours, the fund received over $6,200. In under 24 hours, they raised over $9,300—almost reaching their $10,000 goal.

Check out Colby's GoFundMe page to read more on her health status and to see how you can help.