Fearless Vampire Killers release “Neon In The Dancehalls” music video featuring William Control

July 25 2014, 2:09 PM EDT By Cassie Whitt

Fearless Vampire Killers make good on their promise for bigger choruses and more danceable material with "Neon In The Dancehalls," the first single from their upcoming album, which includes a guest vocal performance from their producer William Control

"[T]he new single is about dancing, and it’s a pretty dance-y song," vocalist Laurence Beveridge told us in an interview last month. I think it’s one of Wil’s favorites. That’s something we had focused on."

Check out the video, a dark dance party in a cathedral, below and let us know what you think: 

Fans can pre-order this single now and sign up for the band's social network, the Obsidian Bond, for early previews of all of their new material.