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Gorillaz are celebrated in Brussels by street artists—watch

April 21 2017, 12:29 PM EDT By Jordan Toney

It's pretty safe to say that the entire world is grateful that Gorillaz are back now that the city of Brussels, Belgium have decided to honor the band with a live painting done by "4 of Belgiums best street artists."

Check out video of the paintings below!

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This art project, organized by the City of Brussels and Urbana Project, features the artists: Novadead, Nean, Eres and Eyes-B. You can check out examples of their work below.




"Live With Me" Picture from Smart Yves Calomme Thanks to Emmanuel Angeli & Karine Lalieux #propaganza #propaganza_urban_artists #nean

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The band returned after six years with the apocalyptic and politically-charged "Hallelujah Money" back in January, and they debuted four new songs—"Saturnz Barz," "Andromeda," "We've Got The Power" and "Ascension" last month. “Let Me Out” debuted earlier this month, all taken off Humanz, set next week on April 28.

In preparation for the release of their new record, the band have announced plans for a TV show, released an app that lets you explore their house, and announced a tour alongside their already scheduled Demon Dayz festival.

The city of Brussels livestreamed the art project for an hour as the four artists finished their work honoring the band. Check out the video below!

Which painting is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!