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Hunter Moore (Is Anyone Up): “I’m scared I’m going to get f*cking murdered in my sleep”

April 05 2012, 3:17 PM EDT By Bryne Yancey

(Photo: Dustin Fenstermacher)

A new profile of Is Anyone Up proprietor Hunter Moore is online, via the Village Voice:

"Naturally, Moore has spawned a legion of enemies. After posting images of the daughter of a major GOP campaign donor, strangers tried to climb over his home fence. Last spring, Bamboozle organizers threatened to arrest him if he stepped on festival grounds. In July, a San Francisco–area woman stabbed the Sacramento native in the shoulder with a pen, a wound that required surgery and left a caterpillar-size scar. Facebook instituted a universal ban on the site; Moore enjoys telling everyone that he responded with a picture of his dick. Anonymous has targeted his site, as have other savvy hackers; he now pays a security firm five grand a month to ward them off. And there is a steady stream of death threats, which has Moore mulling over moving back to New York, where he has lived in two separate spells. He could really use a doorman. 'I'm scared I'm going to get fucking murdered in my sleep if someone finds out where I live.'

Although Moore isn't giving out his home address or cell-phone number, which he has changed every month this year, the self-employed entrepreneur isn't hiding. The opposite, actually: Moore travels across the country DJ'ing clubs, widely promoting his personal appearances. This is partly because he insists he's a straw man. "People want to point the finger at me, but I didn't fucking raid your house and take your phone," he says. "I don't see how I'm supposed to be sorry." But more so, it's because he's constantly playing chicken. Threaten a lawsuit, and Moore will post your threat. Cry about the emotional distress he has abetted, and he will belittle your concern. 'After a couple of days, literally, nobody gives a fuck,' he says. 'We've all masturbated to you or laughed at you, and it's done. It can't get any worse.' Confront him for posting your nudes on Anderson Cooper's show, and he will just repost your boobs the following day with the headline, 'The Girl Who Confronted Me on the Anderson Cooper Show.'

This behavior is classic trolling, which has drawn him an online army of adoring defenders. Moore has 35,000 Twitter followers; his site has more than 91,000. One woman named her child after him. Three things fangirls have tweeted at him in the past week: 'If you had aids, id still fuck you just to say i have aids and that i got aids from you'; 'One day I'm going to have Hunter Moore tattooed on my stomach with an arrow pointing down that says 'God Was Here'; 'I wonder how many girls have tried to steal @Huntermoore used condoms.'"

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