A redhead emoji may be coming

January 22 2017, 5:34 PM EST By Lindy Smith

[Photo credit: Emojipedia]

Gingers rejoice! Redhead emojis will be discussed at the next Unicode Technical Committee meeting, hosted by Apple.

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While emojis have gotten diverse since they first appeared on phones, many redheads are unhappy that their hair color is not a choice on emojis.

“The lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from users in the past three months, said Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia (via the Telegraph).

The proposal suggests a few ways that redheads can be added to the list of emojis—offering an emoji with red hair, which users can pick the skin tone or add red hair and white skin as a modifier option for current emoji that can then be customized.

Unfortunately, if it is agreed upon to make a ginger emoji, it wouldn't roll out until 2018 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Windows has announced that Windows 10 will have 144 new emojis including interracial couples, a rainbow flag, new genders and professions and will become available to users in the next few months.

Let us know in the comments if you want to see a ginger emoji.