Johnny Marr (formerly of the Smiths and Modest Mouse) leaves the Cribs to focus on solo career

April 11 2011, 2:34 PM EDT By Tim Karan

Johnny Marr—former guitarist for the Smiths, The The and Modest Mouse—has announced that he's leaving his latest band, the Cribs, to concentrate on his solo career. Marr recently contributed to the score for Inception. In a statement released by Marr, he says, "I'm working on new solo songs. I'll be putting out two records over the next year or so and doing more film soundtrack work. Touring and recording with Ryan, Gary and Ross [Jarman] has been fantastic and [2009's] Ignore The Ignorant is something I'm really proud of. We ended up doing much more than we originally set out to, and I've made three good friends."