Kurt Travis opens up about his departure from Dance Gavin Dance

September 07 2010, 8:51 AM EDT By James Shotwell

Following the news that Jonny Craig would be the new vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance, many wondered what would become of current vocalist Kurt Travis. Travis, who has been with Dance Gavin Dance since 2007, kept mainly quiet in the wake of the new of Craig's return, but has now opened up in a new interview with DeadPress. You can view a portion of the interview below and read it in it's entirety here. What are your thoughts on this situation?


From the interview:


Zach: In some sources it’s said you left and others it’s been said you were asked to leave, would you be able to clear that up a little bit?

Kurt: I definitely was never going to quit, so yeah, I got kicked out. The band told me that they were going to break up because they weren’t happy with it, but before they did they were going do a tour with Jonny and just do ‘Downtown Battle Mountain’ songs. Things didn’t really happen the way they told me it seems. Oh well.