Listen to the most generic pop-punk song ever created

May 21 2014, 9:44 AM EDT By Matt Crane

Jarrod Alonge, who’s had laughs with everyone from Kellin Quinn to Tyler Carter, has released a new song under his Sunrise Skater Kids band name (the fictional band that appears in his videos). The track, “Pop Punk Pizza Party,” is being described as “the most generic, cheesiest pop-punk song ever devised,” and so it is.

Here are some of the best (worst) cliché pop-punk lyrics used:

“Mom and dad just don’t understand/It’s my life/My time to take a stand/I’ll never see Baltimore again”

“In the summer with my friends/Days like these should never end”

“I could never be the cool kid/Why’d I have to be so stupid?”

“I’ll have my best friends in the front seat/My pizza in the back/Seven pairs of khaki shorts and stickers for my mac.”

After all this, it’s still really damn catchy. Listen to the song below: