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Mae release letter to fans regarding their upcoming tour

July 12 2010, 2:21 PM EDT By James Shotwell

Mae have released a statement to their fans regarding their upcoming tour which can be read below:

Hey everyone,

By now, most of you have heard, but we're happy to officially share some wonderful news that we have been waiting to tell you for a couple of months.

2010 has been a year of reflection, reconditioning, and reconsidering what it has meant to be in this band for the last 8 years. We have come to some conclusions, we have asked questions that lead us to more questioning, and we have transformed into a brand new, old, new thing. In a phrase, what does this mean exactly? It means, "thank you." Thank you for sharing your world with us as we have done our best to be honest, creative, and true to ourselves, our calling, and our lifeline which is you. The exciting news that we have for you is the best news that we have shared in a very long time. Together, you and Mae have brought glimpses of hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, clothing to the cold and tired. A home has been built for a family in need. These are all things that we are truly proud of and humbled as we look back and see what this band has been able to accomplish on this journey. Yet, through all of these feats, something has lacked along the way. Now that insufficiency is no more!

We are so pleased to share with you the return of Rob and Mark to Mae!

This has been a long process of searching, renewal, and repair and yet it is true. The Mae that you grew to love through our records such as "Destination: Beautiful" and "The Everglow" is back together. We are also excited to let you know that we will be touring for the first time in a year and touring for the first time as the 'original five' in over three years sharing with you an experience we'd like to call, "Goodbye, Goodnight." This reunion is something that is refreshing all of us in different, needed ways but it's also a chance for us to say "goodbye" for a while.

After this tour, we will be hiding away, embarking on new adventures, trying out life's opportunities as individuals with freedom and anticipation. In order for us to do this properly, we needed to "dim the lights" in the rooms of the house you and Mae have built together. Mae presents: "Goodbye, Goodnight." is exactly our chance to do that.

We would absolutely love to see all of you at a club in your city this fall for one more night together, one more "rock show." Since this will be our last run indefinitely, we are making sure to give you the show you've wanted for some time and the show that we've been eager to perform. We'll be giving you the opportunity on Maeteam to tell us your favorite songs from each album so that we may try to play all of those favorites. There may even be a certain record in our collection that gets played from start to finish on some nights.

Please, please, please come and join us for "Goodbye, Goodnight" so that we may thank you for the most incredible eight years we've had together. Also, bring a warm "welcome back" to Rob and Mark. They have missed you just as much as you and we have missed them! We will be announcing a chat on Maeteam in the coming days so we can answer your questions and tell you what to expect this fall and the months leading up to the tour.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dave, Jacob, Zach, Rob, and Mark