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Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls jumped

March 23 2010, 9:30 PM EDT By Tim Karan

Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson was apparently jumped Friday night, according to a string of tweets and pics the singer posted of his bloodied face. Earlier in the night, the band had played at the Glasgow G2 venue in Scotland.

Just a warning that these photos are pretty graphic.
The first Twitter post read: "wanna see a motherfucker jumped? look at this. fuck you."

An hour later, Johnson returned to say, "ps I'm fine." and then "cleaning up a bit. trying my best to smile but it hurts. hospitals in scotland aren't my favorite."

Two hours later, Johnson tweeted again, saying, "to those who are obviously slow-- no, my band members did not beat me up. they were actually doing their best to rip people off me." and then "we are just doing our best to make light of and sprinkle a bit of humor on top of a shitty situation."

UPDATE 4:06 p.m. 2/20
Johnson appears to be doing fine. As the band were traveling, he tweeted, "the internet banter concerning my incident last night is enertaining me through my layover. whether you are talking shit or not, thank you."