Matt Good (ex-Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) to include dubstep, rap in new project

April 30 2012, 12:28 PM EDT By Bryne Yancey

Fresh off his exit from Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Matt Good released an update over the weekend that he'd be working on his other project Kit Fysto and would be combining elements of dubstep, rap and rock into its sound.

Check out the update below:

"Today I was thinking about the EP and I decided that Kit Fysto is gonna be all about a brand new sound. Something fresh. I love rock, dubstep, rap, electro, metal, all kinds of shit but they've all been done. I think the next evolution in my writing is combining elements of all the things I enjoy in a tangible way. It's gonna be a challenge, but it is my ultimate goal with this album. No holds barred, full on awesome, fearless, creativity. No rules. Fuck the rules. End rant"

Some of Kit Fysto's remixes of songs by Cobra Starship and Story Of The Year can be heard here.