Members of Thrice, Samiam, Texas Is The Reason, RX Bandits form new band, cover Dinosaur Jr. album

September 11 2013, 9:32 PM EDT By Brian Kraus

Siren Records have welcomed Felled Trees to their small, but growing roster. Their introduction will be a Dinosaur Jr. cover album of Where You Been? to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The newly-formed collective decided to slightly alter the title for theirs, which will be Where We Been.

Originally intended to be a pick-up of Texas Is The Reason/Samiam side project Solea, the duo of Garrett Klahn and Sergie Loobkoff ended up snowballing the idea into something much bigger.

The complete lineup includes bassist Ed Breckenridge (Thrice), guitarist Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam, Solea, Knapsack), and drummer/producer Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace’d Out) – with vocal appearances from Garrett Klahn (Texas is the Reason, Atlantic/Pacific, Solea), Jason Beebout (Samiam), Blair Sheehan (Knapsack, The Jealous Sound), Karl Larsson (Last Days of April), Davey Warsop (Suedehead, Beat Union), and keys courtesy of Steve Choi (RX Bandits, Peace’d Out).

Where We Been will officially drop on October 15, and is exclusively available in the Siren Records webstore

Track Listing (with appearances):

1.     Out There (feat. Karl Larsson, Last Days of April)
2.     Start Choppin’ (feat. Jason Beebout, Samiam)
3.     What Else is New (feat. Garrett Klahn, Texas is the Reason)
4.     On the Way (feat. Blair Sheehan, Knapsack/The Jealous Sound)
5.     Not the Same (feat. Davey Warsop, Suedehead/Beat Union)
6.     Get Me (feat. Garrett Klahn, Texas is the Reason)
7.     Drawerings (feat. Karl Larsson, Last Days of April)
8.     Hide (feat. Davey Warsop, Suedehead/Beat Union)
9.     Goin’ Home (feat. Jason Beebout, Samiam)
10. I Ain’t Sayin (feat. Blair Sheehan, Knapsack/The Jealous Sound)