Men banned from female Hasidic rock band’s shows

August 08 2014, 11:56 AM EDT By Matt Crane

Bulletproof Stockings are an all-female Hasidic rock band based in Brooklyn. They recently played a gig at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City where men were not allowed to attend, because the band follow the strict rules of Orthodox Judaism. (Men specifically aren’t supposed to hear women sing.) The rules also require them to cover hair, knees and elbows.

The band had some trouble convincing the venue to block male clientele from attending. Drummer Dalia Shusterman told the New York Post, “Turning away half the audience isn’t something that’s ever been done. They had to really think about it.” The set was apparently filmed for a reality show on the Oxygen Network called Living Different.

Vocalist/keyboardist Perl Wolfe told the Wall Street Journal, "People want the excitement of hanging out all night without being bothered by guys. They just want to hang with girlfriends, drink, dance. We had a show in Park Slope, and a bunch of hipster girls began dancing hand-in-hand in a circle to niggunim [Hasidic melodies] they didn't know but were so into it. They wouldn't have done that if there were men."

Read more from the Post:

“Wolfe, 27, and Shusterman describe their music as drawing influences from classical, blues, jazz and rock — as well as the women’s Hasidic backgrounds. The band’s sound has been compared to Florence and the Machine, Fiona Apple — and even throwback rockers the Black Keys.

‘Hasidic alt-rock,’ joked Wolfe, who sings and plays piano. ‘We’re making a new genre.’”

In the AOL bio below, the band dive into the reason why they only play for women:

You can also hear one of the band's songs below:

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