A ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ sequel is happening

July 01 2016, 5:37 AM EDT By Caitlyn Ralph

[Header photo via Disney Twitter.]

All right, we're suckers for a good, animated movie with all the feels—and Wreck-it Ralph definitely falls under that category. Time to rejoice: IGN reported that a sequel to the film will be released on March 9, 2018.

Check out the livestreamed announcement via Disney's Facebook page here, and a shot of concept art from the company's Twitter below.

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John C. Reilly will return as the voice of Ralph, and Rich Moore and Phil Johnston (latter co-wrote the first movie) will co-direct. Instead of taking over the arcade, judging from the concept art that includes parodies of major tech companies like Amazon and Google, it seems main character Ralph will instead wreck the internet.

The first Wreck-it Ralph centered around arcade game villain Ralph, who wanted to be the hero instead of the bad guy character for once.