Periphery (Sumerian Records) detail new album

May 30, 2012 by Bryne Yancey

Periphery (Sumerian Records) detail new album

Periphery's new album, Periphery II, will be released July 3 via Sumerian.

Check out the track listing, as well as a trailer, below.

01. “Muramasa“
02. “Have A Blast” (feat. Guthrie Govan)
03. “Facepalm Mute“
04. “Ji“
05. “Scarlet“
06. “Luck As A Constant“
07. “Ragnarok“
08. “The Gods Must Be Crazy!“
10. “Erised” (feat. John Petrucci of Dream Theater)
11. “Epoch“
12. “Froggin’ Bullfish“
13. “Mile Zero” (feat. Wes Hauch of The Faceless)
14. “Masamune“

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