Pete Wentz: “If and when Fall Out Boy come back, it will be for the right reason”

March 25 2010, 7:20 PM EDT By Tim Karan

In a recently posted profile on Pete Wentz, the bassist provides a little insight into Fall Out Boy's current break. He told Reuters, ""Rather than get to the stage where we would break up or not be friends with each other, we chose to just take a break. If and when we come back it will be for the right reasons, because it's fun again, (because) we want to be on tour." Wentz also hinted that his future projects may be vastly different from what we've come to expect from him. "Why do I have to be limited by something that has this 4-4 time signature," he said. "I have ideas that extend beyond that and I guess I scratched a lottery ticket enough that, because of my band, people let me do these (other) ideas, and some of them are good, some of them are not so good."

Earlier this year, Wentz was named national spokesperson for UNICEF's Tap Project, a U.N. plan to raise funds in order to provide clean drinking water to children around the world. "I think it's important to use whatever celebrity you have" to help cure social ills."