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Prawn release behind-the-scenes documentary

May 19 2012, 3:07 AM EDT By Michele Bird

Prawn have released a short documentary on the making of their new EP. The documentary also features footage of the band preparing for their upcoming tour in the UK and Europe. Check out the documentary and an official statement from the band below. Tell us what you think!

"Holla. Over the past few months our best friend Scott Davis has been following us around and filming our every move. He compiled all the footage into a 12-minute documentary detailing the process of recording our new record and preparing for our first European/UK tour. If you want, we’ve included a donation link to help fund our tour for Europe. Any donations would greatly be appreciated and we’d be beyond thankful, but either way, we hope you enjoy the film. ALSO from now until the end of August we made our albums 'You Can Just Leave it all' and 'False Institutions' pay-what-you-want on our Bandcamp ( There is NO minimum cost! Take care everyone.” – Prawn"