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Reward (Mutant League Records) stream new song, “Bob”

May 30 2014, 2:13 PM EDT By Brian Kraus

Philadelphia, PA's Reward have signed with Mutant League Records (home to the likes of Seaway and Picture Perfect). Their five-song label debut will be an EP titled Painted Desperation, out on June 24, 2014.

They've released the lead single from the effort, "Bob," along with its backstory.

"On the surface, it’s really just about my cousin who has down syndrome. I have never once seen him upset or unhappy for more than maybe three seconds at a time. He wakes up and is simply excited to live and be alive. He thoroughly enjoys every moment and that is amazing and inspiring to me. So in this song I wanted to honor his mind and express my mourning for his window of opportunity, but to juxtapose it with how much I love and admire him for cherishing every day and every moment," explained singer Rob Blackwell, the band's eldest member at just twenty years old.