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Say Anything hint at direction shift, promise never to break up

August 23 2010, 2:34 PM EDT By

Say Anything frontman Max Bemis has posted a lengthy blog entry detailing the current state of the band. SA are free of their contract with RCA and are now free agents. In recent months, Bemis says that he seriously considered going the solo artist route or leaving music entirely. Instead, the band will be going in a musical direction that they deem true to roots of the band.

Among the news revealed in his post, Bemis said, "As of now, we have just begun writing a new Say Anything record, which will be released on a new label, most likely next year." He added, "We in Say Anything have decided the only damn way we're even going to make another record is if we expel the devil out of making music. That doesn't mean we won't have catchy songs or want our band to reach tons of people. It just means we're going to make a record that embraces and FOCUSES on the quirks of Say Anything, and the things that you guys have led us to feel are the more important touchstones of the band: something that's as punk as it is post-punk, strong, original/ unusual songwriting, black humor, tons of creativity and honesty as well as a lot of good old fashioned piss and vinegar, plus whatever it is indefinably that makes our best songs our best songs. We want to dive headfirst into what is TRUE about our band while simultaneously kicking our songwriting and musicianship ten years into the future."

He also said, "So for those of you who have been begging for this direction from the band; something edgier, something crazier, something more progressive and wackier, something more SAY ANYTHING and not so everybody-else, we invite you to join us in this new chapter and stay tuned for what we hope is what you've been waiting for this whole time. We in no way want to undermine how very proud we are of the last three records we've made, and they did come straight from our hearts and will always be a proud as them as we are of anything we create.   It's just that we think it's an appropriate time to draw a line in the sand and say time to take this all a bit more seriously and make an ARTISTIC statement rather than whatever is going to make us popular amongst fans of, well, to be frank..... Crappy music."

Bemis also touched upon the subject of the band possibly going on hiatus. He said, "Say Anything has made the unanimous decision to NOT break up, or go on “indefinite” hiatus, or whatever they are calling it, EVER. We understand why so many of our peers have needed this and don’t fault them AT ALL but since we're a sort of a different kind of band, whose structure itself lends itself to a lot of freedom, we're going to attack things in a different way.  If we ever take time off to do stuff, we'll do it. I may end up making that solo record one day and maybe it’ll be sometime sooner than later. However I promise you guys I’ll only do this when it's done in a righteous and from-the-heart manner and when I feel like I can take a short break knowing that you guys ( and we)  feel confident that SA is here to stay. We will only ever take time off with the objective of coming back to one day tour more and make more records together ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.  You can depend on us in this sense; we're not going anywhere. We won't present you with a fake "we're done" because it's not going to happen."

To read the post in its entirety, check out Bemis' entry.