Skrillex comments on “Sorry” lawsuit with video showing how the vocal melody was made

May 27 2016, 10:53 PM EDT By Tyler Sharp

Skrillex has come forth with a video statement regarding the lawsuit placed against himself, Justin Bieber and other artists who contributed to the 2015 song, “Sorry,” (via Rolling Stone).

“SORRY but we didn’t steal this,” the EDM star wrote in a tweet. The video shows an a cappella vocal track from “Sorry,” and how the melody in question was made.

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Singer/songwriter Casey Dienel (aka White Hinterland) released a statement Thursday confirming the lawsuit, saying “Sorry” “copies the vocal riff” in her song “Ring The Bell.”

“After the release of ‘Sorry,’ my lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement, but Bieber’s team again chose to ignore me,” Dienel wrote. 

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“I offered Bieber’s team an opportunity to have a private dialogue about the infringement, but they refused to even acknowledge my claim, despite the obviousness of the sample.”

You can check out Skrillex’s video statement, as well as streams of both “Sorry” and “Ring The Bell,” below.

"Ring The Bell"