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Thief Club (Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights) release two new songs

October 31 2012, 4:08 PM EDT By Tyler Common

Hit The Lights frontman Nick Thompson has released two songs under the moniker Thief Club. You can listen to "Fragile Eyes" and "Weight With You" below.

Read a statement from Nick about each song below.

"This song (Fragile Eyes) was written for my sister, Lauren, who was put into an induced coma in 2005 as her body was battling a virus that had filled her lungs almost entirely with fluid. She was care-flighted to Ann Arbor, Michigan at UMHS where she was placed on an ECMO machine which removed the blood from her body, oxygenated it and then reintroduced it back, allowing her lungs to heal and drain. At the time doctors estimated a 60% mortality rate and when I think back to it, it still doesn't feel real. Having someone you love lying there, wired to machines that keep them alive, talking to them and not knowing if they can hear you or feel you, it's such a crushing experience but my parents were by her side every single day. It took me a while to write this song because even though my sister defied the odds (and later graduated college as a respiratory therapist), I still get shaky and weak when I relive the feelings during that period. The story has a happy ending, thankfully and this song is dedicated to Lauren, my parents and the amazing staff at UMHS for making the impossible possible."

"(Weight With You) While we were writing for Invicta, we were trying out a lot of new ways of writing. One way, which I had heard about from Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, was to write a song from an outside perspective. Become someone you're not and express someone else's life and emotions through song.

I had a story I had thought of years back that I thought was a cool concept, so a attributed it to this song. The story is based off of a man who lives by himself in an old house that he believes is haunted by the ghost of a woman. He becomes incredible isolated and eventually convinces himself that he is in a relationship with this woman's ghost, when in reality, he's just losing his mind. Through the help of his family and friends he ends up being put on medication for his mental illness and eventually, he stops hallucinating, only to realize that he's more lonely than he's ever been. The story ends with a man who is unsure if he wants to be sane and lonely or in love and crazy."