The 1975 are teasing us, Blink-182 tattoo and 20 other things you might have missed this week

May 28 2016, 11:48 AM EDT By Caitlyn Ralph

Through our endless scrolling and clicking, we inevitably come across a massive amount of content that doesn't necessarily warrant a news story on its own—but is amusing nonetheless. Instead of letting those small, yet noteworthy, moments slip through the cracks, we decided to gather them up in one convenient, post. Check out our favorite internet moments of the week below.

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Look how awesome these Blink-182 "Bored To Death" tattoos are:

So much teasing from the 1975:

First, there's a "Somebody Else" video in the works?!?!

The 1975 got their name from a book frontman Matty Healy found, which had a page dated "1st of June , The 1975." Last year, the band unveiled their rosy pink aesthetic on the day. This year, the band are teasing again.

Two tweets from Healy with the date:

And more excitement from their manager Jamie Oborne:

A fan asking Oborne if something with happen on June 1, and he responded "Yes": 

Healy recently tweeted this, and Oborne subtweeted it saying that fans should be signed up for their mailing list. Is it a clue?

Side note, can I have this for my wall?

Rian Dawson from All Time Low with a nice haiku.

Panic! At The Disco are now beer.

Less Than Jake are not only performing on the entirety of Warped Tour this summer, but they have also launched a campaign to "Make Warped Tour Great. Again."

Also, Skip The Line is back at Warped this summer, so start gathering your canned foods for Feed Our Children Now!

Have you grabbed our Warped Tour cover star issue?

Snapshots of new music from...

This Wild Life:

Taking Back Sunday:


Pierce The Veil and Modern Baseball released new albums last week, and both did quite well on the Billboard charts:

Have you heard about Modern Baseball's help hotline for their current North American tour?

We all can relate.

Step aside, Hasselhoff.

Flashback to Set It Off looking fine at last year's APMAs:


flashback to your literal boys at the #APMAS (�� @andrew_ftw)

A photo posted by Maxx Danziger (@maxxsio) on

I mean, I'm in.

Watch Real Friends' practice in action.

Happy birthday Luke from With Confidence!

Turnover + koala. Actually the most important internet moment of the week.

Yeeee, Mikey Way is on Snapchat!

Moose Blood will always be trending in our hearts at least.

All of our text messages have been a little more rock and roll.

Just try not to sing "Compromising Me" after this tweet.

What's your favorite moment from the past week? What'd we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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