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Westboro Baptist Church protests outside Less Than Jake show

April 17 2011, 4:27 PM EDT By Tim Karan

Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church protested outside Less Than Jake's show last night in Pensacola, Florida, according to drummer Vinnie Fiorello. The Topeka, Kansas-based organization is known for its radical anti-gay views and recently received attention for planning to picket at the funeral of a nine-year-old victim killed during the January shooting spree in Arizona. The group also protested outside an All Time Low show in Philadelphia in late 2009. 

Fiorello tweeted, "Why would Westboro Baptist Church protest a Less Than Jake show? ." He told Altpress that the picketers were protesting "adulterers, womanizers and blasphemers." Fiorello says he's perplexed as to why the organization would focus on his band. "[It was] kind of a misplaced target in my opinion," says Fiorello. "It had to be a slow night at the bible study last night." He then jokingly added, "Or they heard the truth that we are a traveling band who love Satan but hate guns."

We've reached out to represenatives for WBC for comment. The church picket schedule says members are slated to protest outside an upcoming Charlie Daniels Band concert because, "Charlie Daniels has made himself an enemy of God by spitting in his face when he spoke out against WBC." They then will picket at a Florida high school "to remind this nation that these high school students act like hellbound beasts because they have been raised to believe God is a liar."

Were you at the show last night? What did you see? What do you think of the group taking aim at Less Than Jake? Tell us!