Beware Of Darkness Tour Photo Diary (Pt. 3)

July 22 2013, 5:08 PM EDT Editorial Intern Photographer: Kyle Nicolaides

  • Day 14 - Florence, Italy: We stopped in Florence before Rome and saw the Cathedral. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was overwhelmingly massive and powerful, yet there was phenomenal attention to detail and precision because every square inch was carved or painted. I walked around it astounded, while everyone else visiting was on their phones and seemed to not give a shit about the immaculate sight. | Photo By: Kyle Nicolaides
  • Day 15 – Off Day: After Rome, we had a twelve-hour drive to France. Halfway through we saw the Mediterranean and jumped in. | Photo By: Kyle Nicolaides
  • Day 16 - Vienne, France: We played in an Amphitheater from the 1st Century. It's in the same neighborhood where the Knights Templar were lured in and killed by the King of France. | Photo By: Kyle Nicolaides
  • Day 17 - Festival de Carcassonne: We played in an old castle in Carcassonne. It's like Zelda, but real life. #hyrule | Photo By: Kyle Nicolaides
  • Day 17 - Festival de Carcassonne: The Smashing Pumpkins playing in a castle. | Photo By: Kyle Nicolaides

While out on the road with the Smashing Pumpkins in Europe, Beware Of Darkness will be checking in with AP every Monday with photos from tour. Stay tuned every week for more photography of the band and commentary by vocalist/guitarist Kyle Nicolaides.

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