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Biffy Clyro Tour Recap

October 25 2013, 11:32 AM EDT Editorial Intern Photographer:

  • Fancy meeting you here!
  • I'm gonna make a change... For once in my life... It's gonna feel real.
  • She's lucky nobody phoned her at that very moment...
  • At least in Scotland you know what weather to be ready for. In the US in October, it was summer one day, and winter the next.
  • Visiting radio in NYC
  • We've used more novelty photo booths in the last 12 months than in our entire lives.
  • Simon actually consulted with someone from Spielberg's Lincoln movie on the costume design and accuracy of fabrics chosen.
  • Ben knew better not to make any sudden movements, having been warned not to moments before.
  • I have more photos of Simon doing this than any other pose. I think it is still affectionate.
  • Recording acoustic songs and looking good.
  • "Do you guys wanna get a Subway for lunch…?"
  • GQ
  • A sneak peak inside of the tour bus.
  • Shopping in a... no, let me rephrase that... LOST in a massive department store.
  • They mean this is the positive way.
  • Delaware: Leading the way, not only in ratifying your constitution, but in car license plates.
  • Jay told us that this sort of thing happens a lot in Brooklyn… One of those shoes belongs to us.

Biffy Clyro recently ventured to our side of the pond for a fall U.S. tour. Check out some photos they took while on the raod recapturing the experience!