Day In The Life: Motionless In White Warped Tour 2012 - PHOTO OP - Alternative Press




Day In The Life: Motionless In White Warped Tour 2012

August 01 2012, 11:50 AM EDT Matthew Colwell Photographer: Blake Jones

  • Chris walking around backstage at the end of the day
  • Ryan in his bunk
  • Ricky Temple Running
  • Balz in the captains chair
  • Ghost relaxing
  • Ghost Tumbling
  • Angelo reading a wrestling magazine in the bay
  • Chris reading his letters from fans
  • Ricky in the bus area
  • Ricky grabbing a drink from the bay before the signing
  • Signing a board for Skate For Cancer
  • Chris hugging a fan at a signing
  • Angelo noticing the camera at the signing
  • Balz showing Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire how to fish for the first time
  • Ryan trying to find a spot for Balz to cast out
  • Balz reeling in the big one
  • Ryan relaxing before the set
  • Angelo putting on the finishing touches before the set
  • Ghost adding the finishing touches
  • Ricky warming up before the set
  • Chris warming up before the set
  • Angelo warming up
  • Ryan getting ready to take the stage
  • Ghost right before the set
  • Playing for a great crowd
  • Angelo's view of the show
  • Playing to a huge crowd