Day In The Life: Of Mice And Men Warped Tour 2012 - PHOTO OP - Alternative Press




Day In The Life: Of Mice And Men Warped Tour 2012

July 18 2012, 11:50 AM EDT Matthew Colwell Photographer: Matt Vogel

  • The fun begins
  • Austin getting ready
  • Alan getting ready
  • Phil getting ready
  • Smelling roses
  • Crowd participation
  • Valentino live
  • Live
  • Phil live
  • Alan singing along
  • Austin singing to the crowd
  • Taking it all in
  • Tino with Mike of PTV
  • Austin’s swollen right hand
  • Post show hangs
  • 'He can’t talk right now, he’s doing an interview'
  • Gathering the group
  • The guys with Tony of PTV
  • Ready to start the signing
  • The band with TM Jared and Trojan tent workers
  • Alan and Phil sharpie drumming
  • Austin meeting a fan
  • A fan gave Austin a Star Wars blanket. He loves Star Wars.
  • Phil being shady
  • How Alan feels about the heat
  • Phil with AP rep Karla
  • Austin with the guys from Born of Osiris
  • Austin with Jim from The Ghost Inside
  • Austin with cookies that Kevin Lyman gave us
  • Fan photos
  • Rian of All Time Low picked up Austin on the way back to the bus
  • Rian and Austin literally riding off into the sunset