Day In The Life: Pierce The Veil Warped Tour 2012

July 27 2012, 1:10 PM EDT Matthew Colwell Photographer: Josiah VanDien

  • Mike has the cleanest bunk on Warped Tour
  • Casey and Jaime playing MLB 2k12. Casey Won.
  • Jaime and Miek talking to Bethany the Warped Tour press manager before an interview
  • Vic admiring some other great bands
  • Christian tuning Tony's guitar
  • Vic watching Streetlight Manifesto
  • Mike hanging with Phil from Of Mice and Men
  • Mike Eating catering, with the help of Pierce The Veil hot sauce
  • Tony T Rexing
  • Jaime getting a haircut
  • Vic cleaning while he warms his vocal chords
  • Tony, Mike and Vic before warming up
  • Vic stretching before his set
  • Tony stretching before the set
  • Mike warming up
  • All of Pierce The Veil walking to their set
  • Pierce ran into Ronnie Radkie on the way
  • Mike tuning his drum kit
  • Mike hanging out with Dave from Breathe Carolina
  • Tony waiting to start the set
  • Vic writing some stuff on Miss May I's cab
  • Miss May I's guitar tech Matt falling subject to Vic's graffiti
  • Mike smoking his e-cig before goingo n stage
  • Jaime acrobatics
  • Vic and Tony spending quality time together
  • If you couldn't hear Vic before, now you can
  • Tony pretending his guitar is a lasso
  • But you're the one who shot me
  • Vic brought a fan on stage to sing to
  • Mike having some fun
  • Tony's anti-gravity boots are on
  • Levi from Miss May I joining the show
  • Jaime and Tony throwing their guitars
  • Johnny's battle wound from a guitar toss gone wrong
  • JJaime playing some dice before Of Mice and Men's set
  • A fan got Everyone's face tattoo'ed on him in zombie form
  • Pierce THe Veil's tour manager Kevin's glasses match his beard
  • Pierce The Veil celbrating the first week of Collide With The Sky