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Four Simple Words: Lollapalooza artists describe their dream tour riders, pre-show routines more

August 06 2013, 3:29 PM EDT Cassie Whitt Photographer: Philip Obenschain

  • Prompt One: "Describe Your Pre-Show Routine" in four simple words. Answered By: Matt And Kim, O'Brother, The Vaccines, Makeshift Prodigy, and The Orwells
  • Makeshift Prodigy frontman Brandon Fox takes a cue from 'Spinal Tap' with his pre-show routine: get lost back stage.
  • Matt And Kim like to get the party started before the performance does, with booty booty rockin' everywhere. That could also describe their live show.
  • After they're finished fucking shit up, O'Brother enjoy the occasional whiskey. Or maybe the whiskey comes first?
  • The Orwells, who all recently graduated from high school, like to indulge in some pre-show delinquency, and drink too much beer.
  • Justin Young and Árni Árnason of The Vaccines used a few extra words, but their pre-show routine boils down to: warmups, music, vitamins, hugs.
  • The Vaccines' board
  • Prompt Two: "Describe Your Dream Tour Rider" (The bands all got a bit too excited to count for this one.) Answered By: American Authors, Skaters, Wild Cub, and Machines Are People Too
  • American Authors certainly wouldn't get bored with a jaguar, pong, crabs, and a trampoline.
  • The guys from Machines Are People Too are getting aquatic with their requests: sharks, mermaids, jet-skis, and beer.
  • Skaters are ready to get weird with a dream rider of drugs, underwear, chickens, and guns. Uh, rock and roll?
  • The members of Wild Cub need two hot tubs. One to house their jet ski, and one full of Scotch, we assume.
  • Prompt Three: "Name Four (Pre-2000s) Bands Who Most Inspire You" Answered By: IO Echo
  • It's no surprise Ioanna Gika from IO Echo was inspired by Enya, while her bandmate Leopold Ross was inspired by Nine Inch Nails- a band the group has previously performed with.
  • The pre-'00s bands who inspired IO Echo

For our new photo feature, "Four Simple Words," we present prompts to your favorite bands, hand them markers and a white board and set just one restriction--limit your response to four words only.

In our latest installment, we caught up with some of our favorite artists and some promising up and comers at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and presented the following prompts:
• Describe Your Pre-Show Routine
• Describe Your Dream Tour Rider
• Name Four (Pre-2000s) Bands Who Most Inspired You

See what members of O'Brother, Matt And Kim, IO Echo, The Vaccines, Skaters, and more had to say.