Four Simple Words: Warped Tour artists describe their bandmates, odor, merch guys and more

July 22 2013, 8:00 AM EDT Cassie Whitt Photographer: Cassie Whitt, Brittany Moseley

  • Prompt One: "Describe Your Bandmates" in four simple words. Answered By: Ace Enders, Forever Came Calling, Hands Like Houses, Kevin Lyman, New Years Day, Set It Off and We Came As Romans
  • Ace Enders describes his bandmates in the Early November as: Crazy, lazy, stinky and awesome
  • Vocalist/guitarist Joe Candeleria says his bandmates in Forever Came Calling are emo cry-asses.
  • Matty P from Hands Like Houses cheated and used six words.
  • Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman threw in his four simple words to describe the personalities of the tour's massive crew.
  • "Is 'murderable' a word?" Sure, Nikki Misery. We'll say it is. We're actually more concerned about your and Anthony's cannibalistic tendencies toward the rest of New Years Day.
  • Set It Off got creative with an acronym: W.I.L.D.
  • We Came As Romans' tour manager later scribbled "Gremlins" on vocalist Dave Stephens' board. Hmmm.
  • Prompt Two: "Describe Your Odor" Answered By: Man Overboard and Motion City Soundtrack
  • Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard smells like an Olive Garden, apparently?
  • "Ain't nobody dope as" Jesse Johnson from Motion City Soundtrack
  • Prompt Three: "Describe Your Merch Person" Answered By: Crossfaith, Hands Like Houses, Silverstein, Stick To Your Guns and While She Sleeps
  • To appreciate the photo accuracy of Crossfaith's doodle, you're going to want to look up @CURTisDIRTY: Moustache, Merch, Movie, Chill
  • Trenton of Hands Like Houses used seven words, but--hey--whatever it takes to avoid sibling rivalry!
  • "We legitimately believe it's possible he's been acting the entire time we've known him" - Josh James of Stick To Your Guns on their zany merch dude.
  • Silverstein's merch guy...
  • It's only one word if it's hyphenated, While She Sleeps.
  • Prompt Four: "Describe Last Night" Answered By: Hawthorne Heights and Charlie Simpson
  • JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights got inspired
  • We hope someone brought Charlie Simpson some aspirin and coffee after THAT night. Ouch!

For our new photo feature, "Four Simple Words," we present prompts to your favorite bands, hand them markers and a white board and set just one restriction--limit your description to four words only.

In installment one, we took our boards into the heat of Warped Tour and presented the following prompts:

  • Describe your bandmates
  • Describe your odor
  • Describe your merch person
  • Describe last night

See what members of We Came As Romans, Set It Off, Hands Like Houses, Motion City Soundtrack, Stick To Your Guns and more had to say.